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Our Legacy

“ We want that education by which character is formed strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”

– Swami Vivekanada 


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru memorial school owes its existence to Shri. S.D Srinivasan, the school’s founder. He is an inspiration to all of us for his love towards children and his interest to their education.                                              
Our founder was born on April 3rd 1931 in tamilnadu completed his education and received his bachelor's in B.A and later pursued LLB in the early 1950's later he  started working in the renowned “Binny mills” and later he sowed the seed of PT.JNMS which is now grown into a big tree. He had a great interest towards Scouts and guides and he trained and disciplined many students who shared the same interest.
He was a man of vision, who always believed that education is the most important asset for every children and its needs to be served to each one of them. He also believed that a child must not only have knowledge but has to  be disciplined,humble,build their character, value and believe our culture and tradition and also develop immense patriotism which not only make them a better citizen but encourage them to bring a change in the society. Unfortunately, we lost our founder to an accident on December 23rd 1979 which is a great loss for all of us and we express profound grief but his inspiration and memories lie within our hearts eternally.
After the sad demise of our founder, his niece Dr. P.N Niranjini Kumar came forward to carry his legacy and vision in true spirit and dedication. Her simplicity and determination perseverance through all the challenging circumstances has made the school to reach greater heights.  Our beloved “Pricipal madam” was aspired to be a doctor and serve the people, she is a graduate of DHMS, as she had great interest towards homeopathy medicine, and worked part-time as a teacher in her uncle’s school. She was known as “akka miss”. She later completed her M.A from mysore university and M.Ed from Bangalore university in the early 70’s. Her sacrifice for her medical career and completely  dedicating her effort in building her uncle’s dream has made PT.JNMS cross milestones and grow into a big family with more than 5 decades of legacy.
We are very grateful for her consistent hardwork and dedication towards the growth of PT.JNMS and her constant support, motivation and her belief towards ‘team work’ has made success through these years and has created a friendly environment for all the staff members. Our school will continue growing and and cross many more milestones under our principal madam’s guidance, her daughters support and  our beloved staff’ s efforts.

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